Thinking of joining?

Thinking of joining?


Powhatan Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc. consists of members from all walks of life and backgrounds. We operate as an emergency medical services(EMS) part of the Powhatan fire and rescue department and work in conjunction with Powhatan county fire, sheriffs, and communication departments to ensure high quality and highly compassionate care is delivered as quickly as possible. Powhatan volunteer rescue squad prides itself on working hard to ensure that the county's EMS system remains state of the art and progressive, as well as ensuring a positive, inviting, and rewarding experience for all of its members. 

EMS operations related duties are the forefront of our organization in Powhatan County. Providing high quality basic and advanced life support to the citizens and visitors of Powhatan County. With highly devoted and compassionate providers with decades of experience and training between them. As well as using and promoting research-driven protocols, and the latest in EMS clinical technologies such as the LUCAS chest compression device, lifepak 15 monitors with interconnectivity to other equipment, McGrath video laryngoscopes, and much more.     



  1. Satisfaction of serving the citizens of Powhatan County while working with some of the most highly trained and motivated people.
  2. Training at no cost(EMT classes, CPR, Emergency vehicle operations,etc.)
  3. Tax Voucher for $125.00 towards your personal property taxes once you meet the requirements set by the County.
  4. Personal Property Tax Reduction from $3.60 to $1.80 once you meet the requirements set by the County.
  5. License Fee Waiver once you meet the requirements set by the County.
  6. And more to come!!!!!
We and all volunteer organizations like us are always on the lookout for new members with many different skill sets. Even those that may not be directly involved with patient care. We encourage everyone to look into how you can help support your local volunteer organizations, even if it is not us.
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